Monrovia Bee a Winner pollinator plant giveaway

Oct 25, 2023
Monrovia generated a buzz with 2023 Bee a Winner pollinator plant giveaway

Monrovia’s 2023 “Bee a Winner” pollinator plant giveaway was a buzzing success.

Last year, Monrovia partnered with more than 200 garden centers across the country to promote the importance of pollinator-attracting plants, giving away select varieties during Pollinator Week. This year, 206 garden centers took part, up from 35 in 2022. Consumer participation expanded as well, with more than 20,000 entries this year. More than 70% of those entering opted into their local garden center email list.

The giveaway program is easy for both retailers and their customers. Garden centers that placed a minimum order of Monrovia’s pollinator-friendly plants received 10 additional 1-gallon plants for free to use as customer prizes. The orders included a poster with an entry form QR Code and online entry form for home gardeners to enter.eb4f9f96dd604ed8b562d04d59edf15f.png

For a chance to win, local shoppers simply scanned the QR code to access the entry form. During the process, they were given the option to join their local garden center’s email list, giving the IGC an easy and effective way to strengthen customer relationships. Monrovia made the process even easier by managing all the entries and choosing local winners specific to participating garden centers.

“The pollinator garden trend just keeps growing,” said Katie Tamony, chief marketing officer at Monrovia. “Our consumer research shows home gardeners are interested in learning about pollinator plant collections. This giveaway gives them that opportunity, shows them a diverse option of plants and encourages purchase of more than just one variety. It also connects customers directly to the retailer for future outreach.”

Now is the perfect time to start planning spring programs by securing your spot in the 2024 pollinator plant giveaway. Contact your Monrovia sales representative for more information.