Monrovia Announces Pollinator Plant Giveaway

Feb 6, 2023
Monrovia Announces Pollinator Plant Giveaway

Monrovia recently announced its 2023 Bee a Winner giveaway program, intended to help create buzz at local garden centers with an easy and fun consumer contest. This program is a great way to celebrate and promote National Pollinators Month and Pollinator Week in June.

“More than 80% of consumers we surveyed say they’re interested in pollinator plant collections,” says Katie Tamony, chief marketing officer. “We wanted to provide our garden center customers with a way to capitalize on this interest. We’ve made it easy for IGCs to participate and simple for their customers to enter. It’s a great way to drive late season traffic, add new subscribers to email lists and grow social media following.”

Here’s how it works:

— Garden centers who place a minimum order of Monrovia’s pollinator-friendly plants will receive 10 additional 1-gallon plants, for free, to use as customer prizes.

— Monrovia will supply Bee A Winner POP free with your order. IGCs include the signage in their in-store display, along with the pollinator-friendly plants. An entry form link and code are included on the posters and counter cards.

— Garden centers add the entry form link to their website. Monrovia will manage the entries and choose winners specific to participating garden centers. When the contest is over, Monrovia will share opt-in email leads with its customers.

Monrovia is also providing promotional materials, including email, social and public relations tools, templates, and content examples. Participating garden centers must enroll by April 1. The promotion will run June 1 through June 25. Contact your Monrovia sales team member for more information. Full details are available here: