Monrovia Rewards

Jan 11, 2023
Monrovia Launches Consumer Rewards Program

Monrovia is encouraging customers to shop online and then pick up their purchases at a local independent garden center with its new rewards program. Gardeners who create an online account will now earn points every time they shop on the site and can use those points for valuable discounts. Everyone gets 25 points just for signing up, and one point is earned for each dollar spent.

“We work with garden centers directly to plan their spring orders, but enabling gardeners to also shop online from our website gives them the added ability to choose their perfect plant with the click of a mouse,” says Katie Tamony, Monrovia’s chief marketing officer. “Sometimes, it’s a great way to get those hard-to-find plants, or buy several in a specific size that the garden center may not always be able to keep in stock.”

Tamony says the new reward program is meant to incentivize more frequent online purchases and bigger orders. “Because the consumer picks up their online orders at the garden center, the reward program will also encourage more frequent shopping at garden centers for soil, pots, tools, and fertilizers—and more plants. Our goal is to bring more qualified shoppers in the door for our retail partners.”

After sign-up, rewards are added to the account automatically every time the member purchases a plant. When members reach a minimum of 100 points, they can click “Redeem My Points.” They will receive a customized code that can be added at checkout. There are two reward tiers, and each member also gets a personalized birthday gift.

Pre-order for spring is available now. Select Monrovia plants can be purchased now, and plants will ship after the last frost date in each area, direct to the independent garden center chosen at checkout.