NGB National Day of calendar

Aug 16, 2023
NGB offers free calendar to promote gardening

National Garden Bureau offers a calendar of popular “Day of” promotions and industry marketing campaign opportunities that can be used by garden centers and others in the green industry for their marketing and social media strategy plans.

There are many national “day of, week of and month of” celebrations that are fantastic occasions to promote gardening almost every day of the year. You can access the calendar by clicking here.

The curated list appears on the NGB website in calendar form so anyone can find days or weeks of the month that give you something to talk about without having to spend a lot of time coming up with marketing ideas.

It’s not just any day.
It’s a great day to promote gardening!

During the coronavirus pandemic, gardening has been deemed essential. And as such, we’ve gained an array of new gardeners. Our industry has the chance to help mold their green thumbs to know gardening isn’t just in spring and summer but all year long — #Garden365

Anyone in the green industry can use these national “Day of” and marketing promotions to spark more interest in all aspects of gardening.

For instance, you can use a theme, such as National Watermelon Day (Aug. 3) to create social media posts, run specials, host classes or webinars, etc.

NGB’s own “Year of” program fits into this theme perfectly as a way for the industry to promote the classes featured in that program.

For more information about this program and/or membership in National Garden Bureau, contact Diane Blazek.