Proven Winners Pleasant View Complete Package Container

Jul 14, 2021
Pleasant View Gardens Introduce Proven Winners Complete Package Program

Pleasant View Gardens has introduced the Complete Package Program for 2022, which is intended to leverage the strength of the Proven Winners brand across all Proven Winners plants, including annuals, so there’s no doubt that the plant inside the signature white Proven Winners branded container and tag is Proven Winners.

“Pleasant View Gardens has worked for decades making the Proven Winners brand synonymous with exemplary quality and performance. Asking that the entire package these plants come in be branded Proven Winners is the obvious way to give consumers the peace of mind they deserve,” said Andy Huntington, Pleasant View Gardens national sales manager. “Without a fully branded package, consumers would often doubt what they were getting. Now, that uncertainty will be removed, and they can walk into a garden center, find the Proven Winners display and packaging, and purchase with total confidence.”

With strong Proven Winners branding, retailers can benefit from increased awareness and demand that drives faster turns, allow for premium pricing, and ultimately deliver greater profitability.

“While we realize some may feel uncomfortable with the implementation of the Complete Package Program because change is sometimes challenging. We hope growers and retailers will continue to trust in us and in the long-term benefits that will come as a result,” Huntington said.

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