Jan 9, 2024
Santa Barbara International Orchid Show returns in March

Santa Barbara International Orchid Show, March 8-10, 2024The Santa Barbara Orchid Show returns March 8-10 with the theme “Orchids: Gems of Nature.”

The 76th Annual International Orchid Show will take place at the Earl Warren Showgrounds in Santa Barbara, California. Organizers invite nature lovers to enjoy a day surrounded by the magic of orchids and consider a tax-deductible donation to support the show and solidify its future.

“The community truly enveloped this event, and the support for the 2023 Orchid Show and financial support of fellow orchid lovers is allowing us to continue next year,” said Lauris Rose, president of Santa Barbara International Orchid Show. “Santa Barbara’s 75-year-long history of showcasing this beautiful, elegant flower continues. The Orchid Show is a wonderful way to unite not just orchid growers but nature lovers of all types in the celebration of nature’s premier gift.”

The Santa Barbara International Orchid Show is one of the oldest, largest and most prestigious orchid shows in the U.S. Orchid displays are installed by local, national, and international artisans and orchid enthusiasts. Exhibits of orchid art, photography, and floral arrangements, and a comprehensive workshop and demonstration schedule provide visitors with a rich orchid experience. This show is judged by the internationally sanctioned American Orchid Society Judging panel.

Tickets are available at sborchidshow.com.