Star Roses and Plants Announces Launches Bloomables Roses

Jul 14, 2022
Star Roses and Plants Launches Scentables Roses

Star Roses and Plants recently announced the industry launch of Scentables, a program offshoot of the Bloomables brand that features fragrant roses with a 40+ petal count. 

This new, fragrance-forward collection leverages the appeal of both bloom power and aroma to attract the consumer audience. Color and fragrance appeal to a multi-faceted audience, including the casual garden center-browser, dedicated home gardener, and customers of the cut floral industry.

Cut flowers are huge right now,” says Heidi Mortensen, Bloomables program manager. “People want to grow their own flowers to bring inside and create bouquets. [Scentables allows them to] create bouquets with different scent profiles.” 

Scentables reportedly distinguishes itself from other programs in the industry by offering distinct fragrance profiles that make it fun and easy to pair multiple varieties based on aroma preference. The inaugural 14 varieties offer notes of wild honey, crisp fruit, warm spice, and sweet perfume. 

Available now for 2023 booking, Scentables leverages the impressive momentum of the recognizable Bloomables brand and supplements additional marketing support through professional and unique P.O.P. and print and advertising campaigns. 

Included in the program are 12 established rose genetics and the two new Star Roses and Plants rose introductions for 2023: Bolero, Dee-lish, Michelangelo, Moonlight Romantica, Orchid Romance, Parfuma Bliss, Parfuma Earth Angel, Parfuma Summer Romance, Princesse Charlene de Monaco, Raspberry Cupcake, Rouge Royale, Sunbelt Savannah, Sweet Mademoiselle, and Top Cream. 

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