Understanding Millennials from the Millennial Perspective

Tips for Educating Your Garden Center Customers

Imagine your garden center on a busy weekend next spring. It’s buzzing with life again as gardeners — new or experienced — are anxious to get th... more »

cart green goods Family Tree Nursery Shawnee Kansas

Engaging Plant Purchasers

Plant customers are changing. Years ago, when I first started my graduate work, it was immediately after the Great Recession, and horticulture custome... more »

Suburban Lawn and Garden Kansas Cityy shopping green goods

Don’t Let Commodities Ruin Your Season

As I write this in mid-September, the economic climate is tense and uncertain and, as a result, retailers are having trouble planning for the fall/win... more »

Seed Your Future Creates Green Career Week

Seed Your Future has created Green Career Week to take place Oct. 3-7 as a national campaign led by industry professionals to increase awareness a... more »

The Power of Engagement

Engagement…the act or process of creating emotional involvement or commitment. What a powerful word, one that we use all the time in many differ... more »

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How Long is a Customer’s Memory?

What’s the scientific response to the question of how long a customer’s memory is? It depends! And the answer will become more critically importan... more »


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