“Rain Day, Train Day” at Meadows Farms takes advantage of inclement weather to drive knowledge. Photos courtesy of John Kennedy.

Knowledge is the new currency

The brain can turn to mush pretty quickly over the summer, and teachers want to avoid summer learning loss by sending kids home with reading assignmen... more »

Stock Kicker Pohmer Measuring a Customer’s Value

Measuring a customer’s value

Seasonal businesses — like many garden centers — pose some unique “opportunities” that year-round retailers don’t have to handle. Most seas... more »

Garden Center Group Fall Event 2024 takes place in Dallas Texas

Garden Center Group reveals 2024 Fall Event details

The Garden Center Group Fall Event 2024 will take place Sept. 23-26 in Dallas, Texas, with an Early Bird Marketing Workshop (included in the cost of r... more »

Can We Talk? Your employees need to be polished communicators to interact with customers — here’s how.

Can we talk? Improving communication in your garden center

When you work in a garden center, you wear many hats and need various skills. Garden center staff keeps plants in good shape, displays the merchandise... more »

Revamp Your Retail Series - Pricing products

Revamp Your Retail Series: Pricing products

Pricing products is both art and science. It may be a challenge for some businesses, but pricing is a topic every management team should discuss at le... more »

Family Tree Nursery green goods merchandising

Why your revenue product mix matters

I was always told in jest: You are what you eat! Having loved bacon as a kid, the joke didn’t make me laugh back then. Now, I love it. When looking ... more »