March 2004
Are Your Employees Ready for Spring?

Training is so essential for the success of any business; however, we often don’t take the time to learn. Proper training saves money, time and increases employee morale.

Proven Winners launched a program for independent retailers last year called the Certified Garden Center program. This program helped establish a communication vehicle with garden centers to better understand their needs.

We quickly learned that more than 65 percent of these garden centers conducted no formal plant training. We also learned that the brief 4-minute video about Proven Winners was greatly lacking in providing the kind of product information the retailers were looking for.

In February, Proven Winners will unveil the new 30-minute training video that covers many topics suggested by retailers. This new video is free to all independent garden centers in North America who register to become Certified.

The new video includes:

• Discussion on all 2003 PW plant introductions
• Merchandising ideas
• PW benching systems
• PW Pot and Display trays
• Weather Channel advertising
• Soil and Fertilizer programs
• Container Gardening “How-To” demonstration

If your garden center is already registered at, the video will come automatically mid-February. This video will also come with a manager’s workbook, which can be copied for other employees.

Those garden centers whose staff completes the brief exam in the workbook will become recognized as PW Certified Garden Centers. Benefits of becoming a certified garden center include :

• Two FREE PW Certified Garden Center adjustable aprons
• FREE product slide charts for all your registered employees
• Priority listing at
• Monthly email updates about new products, opportunities and more

Garden centers that are not signed up, or want to double check that they are, can call Proven Winners toll free at (877) 865-5818, or sign up at