Terra Nova Nurseries to debut new introductions, catalog at Cultivate'23

Jul 6, 2023
Terra Nova Nurseries to debut new introductions, catalog at Cultivate’23

Terra Nova Nurseries recently announced it will display several never-before-seen plant introductions at Cultivate’23, booth# 1121, 1321, NV62, NV64. In addition, the company will release a new print and online catalog supplement.

The new varieties debuting are from a select range of genera, including bergenia, geum, heuchera, penstemon, rudbeckia, scabiosa, and sedum. Terra Nova selected these plants as introductions for the coming year in recognition of their superior improvements over prior cultivars as well as their performance-focused, best-of-breeding traits.

Terra Nova’s exhibit at Cultivate’23 will portray an authentic garden setting, providing show-goers with a range of plant applications for borders, beds, containers and more. The booth will showcase a collection of varieties that are new for 2023-2024 and many previous favorites.

Some of the individual debuts to be displayed at Cultivate include:

A new addition to Terra Nova’s VINTAGE series, Bergenia ‘Bouquet’ is highlighted by its clumping growth habit and clusters of large, lavender-pink flowers, displaying perfectly in gardens and containers.

1 Terra Nova Nurseries Bergenia VINTAGE 'Bouquet' Photo
Bergenia VINTAGE ‘Bouquet’

Geum TEMPO ‘Coral’ brings continued excitement to the popular TEMPO series. The new geum features many bright, coral-red flowers with a compact habit and a variety of special uses, including being deer resistant and an excellent pollinator attractor.

2 Terra Nova Nurseries Geum TEMPO 'Coral' Photo
Geum TEMPO ‘Coral’ Photo

Heuchera ‘Changeling’ lives up to its namesake with its unique characteristic of weekly color transitions that paint an ever-changing natural landscape for blender, contrast or mixed containers.

3 Terra Nova Nurseries Heuchera 'Changeling' Photo
Heuchera ‘Changeling’

Two new heucheras launching at Cultivate are FOREVER ‘Midnight’ and ‘Peach Smoothie’. ‘Midnight’, the newest addition to Terra Nova’s FOREVER Collection, presents ruffled, purple-black leaves with crisp edges. ‘Peach Smoothie’ displays large, bold leaves with cherry, coral and orange undertones.

Penstemon NOVA ‘Twilight’ and Penstemon NOVA ‘Pearl’, part of the Terra Nova’s Penstemon NOVA Series, will also be introduced at the show. These new varieties were bred by Terra Nova breeders for added height compared to previous cultivars, bringing a fabulous new look to penstemon.

6 Terra Nova Nurseries Penstemon NOVA 'Twilight' and 'Pearl'
‘Twilight’ (left) and ‘Pearl’

‘Parade of Parrots’, another new penstemon debuting at Cultivate, stands out with its enormous floral display of claret-colored flowers supported by strong, upright stems.

8 Terra Nova Nurseries Penstemon 'Parade of Parrots' Photo
Penstemon ‘Parade of Parrots’

Rudbeckia ‘Summer Sienna’ adds to the list of showstopping varieties with its bountiful production of mid-sized, tawny and sun-bronze flowers destined to be the staple of any well-drained, sunny garden.

9 Terra Nova Nurseries Rudbeckia 'Summer Sienna' Photo
Rudbeckia ‘Summer Sienna’

Scabiosa NOVA ‘Dew Drops’ was bred to exhibit an enhanced look and more prominent variegation compared to its predecessors. Its lovely, lavender flowers are produced in abundance May through September with the perfect proportion to its foliage and stems.

10 Terra Nova Nurseries Scabiosa NOVA 'Dew Drops' Photo
Scabiosa NOVA ‘Dew Drops’

Also on display for the first time will be Sedum NOVA ‘Cherry Fizz’. The new introduction is a trailblazer for big, beefy perennials with its incredible floral display of cherry pink flower heads.

11 Terra Nova Nurseries Sedum NOVA 'Cherry Fizz' Photo
Sedum NOVA ‘Cherry Fizz’

Terra Nova’s never-before-seen varieties, among other returning favorites, are explorable via the company’s 2023-2024 “mini” plant catalog, which was collaboratively conceptualized by Terra Nova’s marketing team as an updated supplement to the company’s larger digital catalog from last year’s Cultivate show.

Terra Nova staff members designed the supplement to enhance viewers’ plant selection experience with a streamlined approach to perusing the new plant and programs guide for easy browsing, buying and learning purposes.