May 2023

Bring on the dragons

Focusing on management integration builds an organization that can continuously improve, grow and overcome challenges.

What a week! A look back at California Spring Trials

Here are a few of the many themes that were trending this year at California Spring Trials.

Beyond the brick and mortar: A race for revenue and relevance

Innovators will pave the road for all IGCs and growers of the future; is your business one of them?

PLNTD in the community

How one garden retailer has become a platform for doing more, giving back and spotlighting other businesses in Jersey City, New Jersey.

What’s your focus: How to differentiate the vital from the trivial in your business

As a leader, of all the things you do, only 20% really matter -- and these produce 80% of your results.

5 Floral trends for 2023

Cut flower experts share their forecasts for the year and top customer requests.

5 Minutes With … Stephanie Fleming

Stephanie Fleming rebranded Behnke’s Nurseries to Beyond Behnke’s, an online garden and gift shop.

Social media and horticulture

Understanding content type and audience is a great place to start when trying to venture into the social media game.

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