Terra Nova varieties recognized Crocosmia NOVA Gold Dragon

Jun 30, 2023
2 Terra Nova varieties recognized at University of Georgia Trial Gardens

Terra Nova Nurseries recently announced that two of its varieties were recognized in the Top Three Winners of the Trial Gardens at the University of Georgia (UGA). Crocosmia Nova ‘Gold Dragon’ and echinacea Sundial ‘Pink’ were showcased on UGA Trial Garden’s Southern Plant Tour at the 2023 Industry and Public Open Houses.

Crocosmia Nova ‘Gold Dragon’ (above image) received a perfect five-out-of-five rating for its majestic and powerful presence. This show-stopping perennial radiates beauty and strength with its long-lasting, star-like blooms and full, upright growth habit. 

Trial managers, finishing growers and retailers are reportedly impressed by its arching spray of gilded golden blooms and its profusion of fast-growing crowns that showcase perfectly in mixed beds, sunny banks or borders. The plant blooms June through October and has a variety of special uses, including being an effective hummingbird and pollinator attractor. 

Echinacea Sundial ‘Pink’ also achieved a five-out-of-five status in honor of its size, shape and color. This jaw-dropping variety features massive 5-inch blooms with emerald-green eyes shifting to a vibrant pink cone and long-arching, bubble-gum-pink petals.

Terra Nova varieties recognized Echinacea SUNDIAL Pink

Sundial ‘Pink’ has a short and branching growth habit from the base with stiff, upright stems to display a full look, making it ideal for containers, mixed beds, mass plantings, borders, and fronts of beds. The variety blooms June through October, requires low-water usage and makes for a gorgeous cut flower. 

“The entire Terra Nova Nurseries team is thrilled to have won two awards at this year’s UGA Trial Gardens,” said Chuck Pavlich, director of new product development at Terra Nova Nurseries. “The UGA Trial Gardens is one of the most prestigious horticulture events, and we take great pride and enjoyment in showcasing our plants here for the industry and the public.”