Proven Winners Eco+ containers win sustainability award

Sep 12, 2023
2023 Sustainability Product award given to Proven Winners’ Eco+ Containers

Proven Winners Eco+ containers have been awarded 2023 Sustainability Product of the Year by Business Intelligence Group. The containers are comprised of 100% natural plant material instead of traditional petroleum-based plastic.

“We are proud to reward and recognize Proven Winners for their sustainability efforts,” said Maria Jimenez, Business Intelligence Group chief nominations officer. “It was clear to our judges that their vision and strategy will continue to deliver results toward a cleaner, more sustainable world.”

This award is given out annually to organizations that have launched or completed a physical product within the last 12 months that improves sustainability or is designed to be more eco-friendly than market alternatives.

“After years of research and development, we’re excited that the Eco+ line of containers is an innovative solution for commercial growers, retailers and home gardeners to reduce the industry’s reliance on single-use plastics,” said Dave Konsoer, vice president of sales, Proven Winners. “The Eco+ Container is one exciting step Proven Winners is taking to help to make the green industry a bit greener.” 

Made from natural sugars derived from corn kernels, Eco+ Grande and Eco+ Quart containers look, act and perform like plastic pots but break back down completely over time. Their sturdy composition is strong enough to last through grower production and on retail shelves. However, they are designed to decompose once exposed to heat and moisture in home gardens or during the industrial composting process.  

The containers are designed, manufactured and assembled responsibly at VistaTek of Stillwater, Minnesota. This centralized location helps to reduce their carbon footprint for U.S. and Canadian markets. 

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