Feb 16, 2022
Beacon Impatiens Fights Low Vision with 2022 Charity Announcement

Beacon Impatiens Macular_Society_logoPanAmerican Seed is pleased to continue its charitable give-back to less widely known causes through annual donations on behalf of Beacon Impatiens. Now entering year three, PanAmerican Seed announces that the 2022 Beacon Impatiens charitable donation will fight low vision issues, such as macular degeneration – a disease affecting the eyesight of millions of people worldwide.

The affliction was brought to PanAmerican Seed’s attention through the experience of one of its own team members. To maximize its impact, two charities will receive a portion of 2022 global seed sales of Beacon Impatiens: Spectrios Institute for Low Vision (www.spectrios.org) and the Macular Society (www.macularsociety.org). Both groups provide family support, fund raising and education empowerment for their members. In addition, they invest in research to offer the hope of new and improved treatments for those living with low vision.

“It is devastating to be told you are losing your sight – to lose the ability to see the faces of your loved ones or your ability to read. Sadly, macular disease, the biggest cause of sight loss in the UK and the developed world, is a vast and growing problem. Every day, more people are diagnosed with the condition,” says Cathy Yelf, CEO of Macular Society. “We are delighted to be working with PanAmerican Seed so we can shine a light on macular disease over the coming months and ensure we can reach everyone who needs our help.”

“It is so wonderful that this effort specifically and intentionally supports smaller organizations,” says Dr. Tracy Williams, executive director for Spectrios. “At Spectrios Institute, we are often considered the best kept secret in the area. This campaign will create awareness of our services and low vision rehabilitation in general. This is so critical for people with vision loss because early treatment enables patients to achieve their goals sooner and more successfully.”

“As we enter the third year of our charitable giving through sales of Beacon Impatiens, we are gratified to see the impact gardeners are making through their purchases on the lives of so many fellow humans across the world,” says Sean Valk, global sales director for PanAmerican Seed.

Low vision is the loss of eyesight and vision capabilities that cannot be corrected through lenses or general surgery. While not blindness, as limited sight remains, low vision can include blind spots, poor night vision and blurriness. Many causes included age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetes, yet low vision can affect people of all ages.

Beyond the monetary donation at the completion of the 2022 season, PanAmerican Seed will raise further awareness of the fight against low vision through its social media channels, website and customer communications.

Beacon Impatiens was developed by PanAmerican Seed to have high resistance to Impatiens downy mildew (IDM), a devastating plant disease that has caused frustration and plant loss in gardens around the globe since 2010. Beacon Impatiens bloom all season long and quickly fill in hanging baskets, window boxes, patio containers and landscapes with cheerful, brightly colored blooms. They offer the same look, size and easy-to-grow care as traditional impatiens without the risk of IDM.

To learn more about The Beacon Story, and to get a closer look at our 2022 charitable foundations, please visit www.BeaconImpatiens.com.