Danziger publishes new Durabella combination digital catalog inside 2

Nov 7, 2023
Danziger releases new Durabella combination digital catalog

Danziger’s Durabella combination program is now detailed in a new digital catalog. Included are more than 30 new combinations that were not included in the 2024 catalog, allowing growers  more combo choices than ever.

Many of the new recipes feature new 2024 genetics, as well as trialed and tested favorites. The catalog also provides recipes for seasonal combinations that extend well beyond spring.

Danziger publishes new Durabella combination digital catalog“The response to many of our trial combos at CAST this year was overwhelmingly positive,” said Lisa Heredia, marketing and key accounts manager at Danziger North America. “These eye-catching recipes bring the colors, textures and overall swoon-worthiness that home gardeners are looking for at retail. For growers, Durabella offers solutions and efficiencies without sacrificing performance. We were excited to bring them to market and didn’t want to wait until next spring.”

With Durabella, Danziger says it has reinvented combination programs. After years of research, these lower-input recipes can save time and resources for growers. They finish in the same amount of time as traditional higher-quantity liner plantings, require less water and look better longer at retail. Home gardeners love the longevity and consistent look, too.

“We trial each recipe to make sure the plants play well together,” Heredia said. “Consumers get to enjoy all the plants in the combo all season long, without one plant taking over the whole container.”

Download the new catalog here.