Danziger COLIBRI Purple Bling and Pink Bling calibrachoa

Jun 1, 2021
Danziger Releases 2022 Catalog

Danziger’s new 2022 catalog offers several feature improvements to help with choosing, growing and selling the plants retail customers are looking for.

The digital version of the new catalog is available now. Here are a few key upgrades:

More Images

Danziger’s 2022 catalog features more real world images including trial shots, landscape and lifestyle pictures. This will give growers and their customers more ways to visualize the performance and usability of Danziger varieties.

Key Selling Features

Crop description now include enhanced key selling features, answering the top-of-mind questions customers are asking. This information includes in-depth details on growth habit, height and width, flower timing and weather tolerance.

More Technical Information

Each crop will now have detailed technical growing information. Danziger spends thousands of hours each year helping customers develop targeted and customized growing plans to produce premium crops.

“We are dedicated to making sure each of our customers is successful,” says Mike Fernandez, market manager for Danziger North America. “In our 2022 catalog, we are including growing protocols by crop, featuring information on things like lighting, PGR use and fertilization recommendations to help growers have successful outcomes and produce the best looking crops.” This information is valuable for organizing and timing crops as well as in-season trouble shooting.

DuraBella Assortment Expansion

2022 will also see a significant expansion in the DuraBella program, including recipes that reach beyond spring. DuraBella is truly a different type of combo program, geared toward lower inputs for grower efficiency.

“We developed the DuraBella program to help save growers time and money,” Fernandez said. “Each recipe requires only three liners to produce a beautiful hanging basket or container.” These low input combos finish in the same amount of time as a traditional 6 or 9 liner planting, require less water and have increased longevity in the garden center and for the end consumer.

For 2022, there are two- and three plant DuraBella combo recipes for Spring/Early Peak Season, Red, White and Blue Holidays, Season Extenders and Fall Combos.

“We’ve taken the guess work out of combo planning for the whole growing season,” says Lisa Heredia, marketing and key accounts. “We have more than 70 different trialed and tested recipes that feature great color combinations and unique mixes that play well together. Home gardeners will love them.”

Screen Shot 2021-05-20 at 1.02.06 PM.png

Here is a look at just a few top picks for 2022:


COLIBRI Calibrachoa

2022 brings even more color and “bling” to our compact Calibrachoa series, with beautiful new patterns. COLIBRI Purple Bling and Pink Bling both feature sparkling new two-toned patterns with vibrant stripes. COLIBRI Abstract Guava features a bright and cheery, watercolor-like pattern that home gardeners will love. All the COLIBRI varieties stays compact, even with little or no PGR usage and create eye catching quarts, smaller combos and hanging baskets.

Screen Shot 2021-05-20 at 1.02.13 PM.png

EYECONIC Calibrachoa

Danziger’s EYECONIC Calibrachoa series has large blooms with an

intriguing eye pattern. This Calibrachoa series is ideal for hanging baskets or larger containers. The 2022 EYECONIC introductions showcase three new colors including peach, pink and cherry blossom. These new additions bring the series to five colors. Showy on their own in gallons or baskets, they also blend beautifully in combinations.Screen Shot 2021-05-20 at 1.04.07 PM.png


GOLF Beauty Improved Craspedia

GOLF Beauty Improved is a true attention grabber at the garden center. It’s golf ball-shaped, bright yellow blooms are the unique item every home gardener is looking for. The newly improved variety has more vigor and flower power with increased ease of rooting under any light condition. GOLF Beauty works well in stand-alone gallons, offers a fun and surprising thriller plant in combinations and is a striking addition to garden beds.

Screen Shot 2021-05-20 at 1.04.48 PM.png

DuraBella Betsy Ross

Perfect for summer holiday decorating, this red, white and blue combo features SALLLYFUN Deep Ocean Salvia, CASCADIAS Chili Red Petunia and LIA Glaze Calibrachoa.   010.png

DuraBella No Filter Needed

Bright, beautiful and ready for its closeup, DuraBella No Filter Needed pairs the captivating CASCADIAS Purple Ice Petunia with attention grabbing CAPELLA Neon Pink. This two liner combo is full of Pinterest-worth blooms.


011.pngDuraBella Pineapple Express

This combo features sunny color that works for any season, but Pineapple Express really shines in the late season garden. We love the pairing of  Ray Sunflower Improved Petunia and Stardom Goldstar Jamesbrittenia as a fall combo.


Click here to access the digital catalog. Need more information or want to order? A Danziger team will be happy to schedule a meeting to review and introduce the new assortment for the upcoming season.



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