Jun 29, 2023
Danziger to brings nature’s inspiration to Cultivate’23

Danziger to brings nature’s inspiration to Cultivate'23Cultivate’23 attendees can learn more about what “breeding in tune with nature” can mean for their business by scheduling a time to meet with Danziger’s North American Team.

“Harnessing the power of nature to provide solutions for our customers is our focus for 2024 and beyond,” said Ori Danziger, deputy CEO. “Combining science and creativity is giving us powerful genetics that provide natural drought tolerance, lower input needs, and varieties that take less labor to grow, all while still providing more and longer-lasting blooms. These benefits help growers, retailers and home gardeners.”

The theme also focuses on embracing the beauty of nature and its ability to create a connection to the world around us. Natural hues, lush foliage and vivid colors can help develop a feeling in the garden. From creating calm in the chaos to adding vibrancy and joy to our lives, plants offer an opportunity for creative expression.

Meet with us at Cultivate to learn more about the exciting opportunities for 2024, including Danziger’s new foliage program, Floresta. By bringing production indoors to a clean environment, Danziger is creating high-quality, uniform cuttings. These consistent crops mean more consistent availability for customers.

You’ll also learn more about the new DuraBella combinations and 2024 introductions such as petunia ‘Amazonas Plum Cockatoo’, calibrachoa ‘Colibri  Tangerine’, and bidens ‘Blazing Star’.

Visit bit.ly/3NjDTni to view or download the new 2024 catalog or contact your Danziger representative for more information and availability. Schedule a time to meet at Cultivate here.