Jun 14, 2023
Garden Center Show organizes virtual garden center tour

Garden Center Show organizers recently announced it will host a webinar, “Garden Center Adventure: A Virtual Tour of Garden Centers in Three Countries.” Attendees of the free webinar, scheduled for 1 p.m. EDT on June 27, will take a virtual vacation to four garden centers in Italy, Canada, Texas and Florida.

Heath Watson, formerly of Garden Centers of America and the Garden Center Show’s resident expert and tour guide, will host the webinar. He will also lead a tour of Seeds, an independent garden center in Dunedin, Florida.

Michael Fiore, a fourth-generation nurseryman at Smith’s Gardentown, will give attendees a look inside his family’s business in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Elisabetta Marini and Jason Robinson, both of Werx.Marketing, will explore local garden centers in Northern Italy and Toronto, Canada, respectively.

After the four tours, the guides for each portion of the tour will join Heath and the audience for live Q&A and discussion of the centers they visited.

For more information, visit the Garden Center show at gardencentershow.com/gcs-webinar-virtual-garden-tours. Register for the webinar at 4igcs.com/virtual-tour.