HiBreeding, Perlanova, Creekside and Express Seed form new partnership

Feb 6, 2024
HiBreeding, Perlanova, Creekside and Express Seed form new partnership

Hydrangea breeders HiBreeding and Perlanova have grown their collaboration with Creekside Greenhouses by adding new partner Express Seed. The partnership between these four companies intends to focus on driving innovation, developing new varieties, and supporting growers for the indoor blooming, patio, landscape and cut flower markets.

The decades of breeding and producing hydrangeas at both HiBreeding and Perlanova have delivered many of the best varieties in commercial production today. All varieties are reportedlu selected for strong branching, superior disease resistance, good retail performance and extended performance for the end user. HiBreeding’s top sellers include popular varieties like HITM River, Crystal, Horizon, and Fire. The MyBeautiful Hydrangea series has a full color range with standouts such as Carino, Akito, and Forest. New varieties are available each year as both programs continue to grow.

Creekside will continue to supply dormant liners and prefinished plants. In this new partnership, Creekside will also be adding unrooted cutting supply and continuing to work with Express Seed to serve growers throughout Canada and the U.S.

“We’ve believed in this breeding program for years and are excited to offer additional options with the new URC supply option, available exclusively through Express. We will also continue to work with Express to sell dormant liners, and prefinished plants of HiBreeding and Perlanova,” said Matt Koole, general manager.

New partner Express Seed will collaborate with Creekside, HiBreeding and Perlanova on product development, sales, and marketing efforts in the region.

CEO Scott Valentine says, “We’re honored to enhance our collaboration with Creekside, HI, and Perlanova. Our customers have seen the value of this product line with best-in-class grower traits and excellent sell-through at retail. We’re looking forward to expanding the reach of these varieties to growers serving the indoor blooming, patio, landscape and cut flower markets.” 

Over the last few years, Express has built the InBlume Indoor Floral team that supports indoor blooming plant growers with unique new varieties, technical support and supply chain solutions. The InBlume team will feature HiBreeding and Perlanova at California Spring Trials 2024, as well as its portfolio of indoor blooming products for growers and retailers. InBlume’s CAST display location will be with partners Headstart and Danziger from March 20-23 at 4860 Monterey Road, Gilroy, California 95020. For more information on InBlume products, partners, and technical support visit inblumeindoorfloral.com.

Existing licensees of HiBreeding and Perlanova varieties will remain. For more information on supply options, support or any questions email [email protected]