HilverdaFlorist shares new branding and website for Garvinea series

Mar 11, 2024
HilverdaFlorist reveals new branding and website for Garvinea series

Breeder of the Garvinea garden gerbera series, HilverdaFlorist has refreshed its product range with a new look presented on a newly launched website. The online experience intends to teach consumers all about these garden plants and inspire gardeners to get creative with the colorful daisy flowers.

New Garvinea branding

After a long history, which includes the discovery of the gerbera in South Africa in 1737, Florist Holland started a breeding program for Garvinea exactly 25 years ago. This program involved extensive selection criteria aimed at marketing a sustainable product with optimal performance for both growers and consumers.

Garvinea is now entering a new phase. Packaged in a cheerful and attractive branding concept, Garvinea is ready to provide consumers with a unique experience.

3.7.2024 Garvinea rebranding with black and white illustrationsThe new Garvinea look can be recognized by the black and white garden illustrations. On the new website, visitors imagine themselves in a digital garden full of Garvinea with care tips and inspiration.

“With the launch of this website and branding concept, we want to provide gardeners worldwide with even more knowledge about what makes Garvinea unique in the market. This is something that these series, with among other things their impressive flowering period and great natural resistance, certainly deserve,” said Denise van Kampen, marketing manager at HilverdaFlorist.

Growers and retailers can benefit from this concept as of today. HilverdaFlorist’s marketing team can providethe tools, guidance and support necessary.

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