Monrovia joins ThinkPlants display at CAST

Feb 16, 2024
Monrovia joins ThinkPlants display at CAST

Monrovia announced will show new varieties of perennials at the ThinkPlants display in Gilroy, California at the 2024 California Spring Trials.

Some of Monrovia’s bold, vibrant colors and on-trend new perennials shown include:

Coreopsis ‘Sunstar’

Monrovia Sunstar™ Coreopsis 42889 Coreopsis verticillata 'TNCORSO' Sunstar Orange_2806MNC
Photo courtesy of by Dorren Wynja

The feathery green foliage of coreopsis ‘Sunstar’ serves as a backdrop for colorful blooms that cover the plant from late spring through summer. This series, introduced by Monrovia, is a perennial you can count on even in hot, dry areas. Loved by both gardeners and pollinators, Sunstar varieties add season-long color to the landscape or containers. It is available in three colors including Orange, Gold, and Rose.

Calla lily ‘Captain’

Monrovia Captain Calla Lily 45293 Zantedeschia 'Tulsa'_1005MNC_Resize-2
Photo courtesy of by Brandon Friend-Solis

Calla Lily ‘Captain’ brings vibrant colors and long-lasting blooms to the garden. The trumpet-shaped flowers and striking foliage add a tropical look to containers or in the landscape. They also make an excellent cut flower. Available in an exciting array of colors.

Cape fuchsia Colorburst’

Photo courtesy of by Dorren Wynja

Monrovia’s Colorburst series of Cape Fuchsia adds gorgeous color to partial shade areas. The tubular, nectar-filled flower clusters cover the plant from midsummer into fall, drawing in butterflies and hummingbirds. Each Colorburst variety features showy, color-saturated blossoms that standout in borders and container gardens. Available in Rose, Deep Red, Yellow and Orange.

Shasta daisy ‘Lemon Puff’

Monrovia Lemon Puff Leucanthemum 42879_leucanthemum_x_superbum_14_05_lemon_puff_2120
Photo courtesy of by Dorren Wynja

Gardeners love the graceful beauty of daisies in the landscape. Shasta daisy ‘Lemon Puff’ features fluffy, pale yellow, double blossoms with bright, lemon-colored centers. This leucanthemum stays compact and flush with blooms from early spring through midsummer. This perennial is incredibly easy to grow, offering loads of blooms that last in the garden, container or in a vase.