Plants Nouveau Fruit Snacks small space apple trees

Jul 6, 2023
Plants Nouveau introduces small-space apple tree collection

Plants Nouveau Fruit Snacks small space apple treePlants Nouveau recently announced Fruit Snacks, an innovative new collection of skinny apple trees that reportedly need minimal pruning.

The upright, dwarf and skinny apple trees make it easier for consumers to pick homegrown snacks right from their backyard. Ideal for small spaces, Fruit Snacks can be used as hedges and can also be grown in pots.

The Fruit Snacks line was bred by apple breeders in Europe to be rust resistant and virus free.

Four selections are being introduced for 2024. This collection and marketing materials will be launched at Cultivate’24.

‘Blushing Delight’

With a nod to spring, delicate, white flowers adorn the trees, followed by blushing red apples, closer to fall. Sweet, light, and flavorful, the fruit is crisp and juicy, making ‘Blushing Delight’ one of the most sought-after varieties for picking right off the tree and eating. Trees are fast growing and high yielding.

‘Golden Treat’

Deliciously aromatic, crunchy, and firm, ‘Golden Treat’ apples are crisp, with a harmonic sugar-acid ratio, suitable for cheese plates, or used for baking in cobblers and pies. Medium-pink buds open to soft-pink flowers.

‘Tangy Green’

Juicy, with a tart taste and crisp acidic tang, ‘Tangy Green’ is perfect for snacking and for pies. Apple-green in color and strikingly round, its fruits form in abundance on spurs along the main stem.

‘Tasty Red’

Pink, spring flowers are followed by bright red apples with a sweet, juicy flavor that sets ‘Tasty Red’ apart from others in the Fruit Snacks program. Clean and crunchy in texture, and slightly tart, they are excellent for eating and baking. ‘Tasty Red’ is a heavy producing tree whose apples usually ripen in September. These apples can be picked for a month and, due to their sub-acidic profile, they store well for later use.

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