Pleasant View Gardens Develops 2023 Preview Guide for Retailers preview

Apr 18, 2022
Pleasant View Gardens Develops 2023 Preview Guide for Retailers

Pleasant View Gardens Develops 2023 Preview Guide for RetailersPleasant View Gardens (PVG) recently released its 2023 Preview Guide, which reveals the hottest new plants on tap for the year ahead.

“This is an exciting part of every year for us … giving our customers a look behind the veil, so to speak,” says Andy Huntington, national sales manager. “Showing them what’s coming and what’s going to be hot a year in advance. This helps them plan ahead for their operation and customers, which helps them maintain a competitive edge.”

Printed on just 15 pages, PVG’s 2023 Preview Guide may not seem like much. But what it lacks in page count, it makes up for in gorgeous, eye-popping debuts. These include six new Proven Winners Plants of the Year:

  • Annual of the Year, TRUFFULA Pink Gomphrena
  • Perennial of the Year, DOLCE Wildberry Heuchera
  • Caladium of the Year, HEART TO HEART Scarlet Flame
  • Flowering Shrub of the Year, LET’S DANCE CAN DO! Reblooming hydrangea
  • Rose of the Year, RINGO ALL-STAR Rosa
  • Hydrangea of the Year, LIMELIGHT PRIME Panicle

PVG’s 2023 Preview Guide also reveals its Proven Winners National Recipes of the Year, including Misty Seas, a perfect blend of SUPERTUNIA MINI VISTA Indigo Petunia, SUPERTUNIA MINI VISTA Violet Star Petunia, and SUPERTUNIA MINI VISTA White Petunia, along with Acapulco Sun, which presents the glorious hues and scents of SUPERBELLS Coralina Calibrachoa, SUPERTUNIA BERMUDA BEACH Petunia, and SUPERBENA Peachy Keen Verbena. The Preview Guide also uncovers what might possibly be the most popular recipe of the decade, the brand new Rockin’ Rush, a stunning ensemble of three Proven Winners top-sellers: GOLDILOCKS ROCKS Bidens; SUPERTUNIA RASPBERRY RUSH Petunia; and SUPERBENA WHITEOUT Verbena.

Beyond the Plants and Recipes of the Year, PVG’s 2023 Preview Guide showcases 21 new Proven Winners and Proven Selections annuals, seven new Proven Accents plants, five new Proven Harvest fruits and vegetables, and three new Graceful Grasses, not to mention a new Heart to Heart caladium.

To see what the future holds, check out the digital version of PVG’s new 2023 Preview Guide or even download your own copy at You can also call Pleasant View Gardens at 603.435.8361 to have a hard copy of mailed to you.



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