Rockledge Gardens Suntory Alive With Flowers Airstream tour

Oct 1, 2021
Rockledge Gardens Hosts Suntory Consumer Event

Suntory Flowers recently announced it wrapped up its Alive With Flowers Airstream tour this summer with a final stop at Rockledge Gardens, a destination garden center in Rockledge, Florida.

Rockledge Gardens Alive With Flowers tour AirstreamThe tour was intended to introduce more gardeners to Soiree Kawaii catharanthus, an ideal bedding plant for Florida. Suntory set up a planting station next to its shiny refurbished Airstream camper trailer, a 1971 Land Yacht, where customers of all ages planted up the red, white and blue Soiree Kawaii combo Lady Liberty, featuring Red Shades, White Peppermint and Blueberry Kiss.

Participants agreed these flowers are cute – which is what ‘kawaii’ means in Japanese. As an added treat, Suntory gave away premium popsicles from River Road Coffee & Popsicles in Cocoa Beach.