May 12, 2016
Sporticulture Has Big Presence at NFL Draft

Sporticulture had its National Football League (NFL) themed plants on location at the official NFL Draft 2016 in Chicago, Illinois, on April 28. Sporticulture’s NFL plants were used as centerpieces in VIP areas and at other NFL venues in Chicago. Additionally, The Baltimore Ravens Flock Festival featured Ravens team color combinations on April 30.

COO of Fabrique Innovations, parent company of  Sporticulture, Tom DeLuca sees building interest in sports licensed plant packaging,

“The Sporticulture team is working hard to support sales of the grower products and that work is paying off. Being included as part of the Draft Day events shows that the NFL sees gardening as a good fit with their marketing themes of family, fun and fandom. We are looking forward to working with the league on ways to blend our team lifestyle products into the fabric of their marketing and advertising programs.”

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