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What’s New in Edibles

Cucumber ‘Mexican Sour Gherkin’ Fruits look like miniature watermelons and taste like cucumbers with tangy citrus overtones. A crunchy addition t... more »

Fresh Food Finds in the Garden Center

Does your garden center offer fresh produce by way of a farmers’ market or community supported agriculture (CSA) program, or are you considering off... more »


To Market?

Thanks to Covid, farmers’ markets have been given a bit of a boost when disruptions in the food system occurred and pushed customers to find alterna... more »

Must Have Perennials catalog

Must Have Perennials Debuts New Catalog

Must Have Perennials has released its new product catalog for 2022-23. This helpful resource showcases some exciting new perennial varieties sure t... more »

Pothos Manjula - Costa Farms

Hot New (and Old!) Houseplants

Social media is laden with images of plant-packed living rooms, bedrooms and studio apartments … monstera, ficus, pothos, philodendrons and zamiocul... more »

Floral Marketing Fund Releases Consumer Houseplant Purchasing Study

Floral Marketing Fund Releases Consumer Houseplant Purchasing Study

The Floral Marketing Fund (FMF), along with co-sponsors Altman Plants, Costa Farms, Green Circle Growers, Hortica and Metrolina Greenhouses, hav... more »


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