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PDSI partners with garden influencer

PDSI partners with garden influencer

Plant Development Services (PDSI) recently announced a strategic partnership with garden content creator Linda Vater. This collaboration will highlig... more »

Syngenta Flowers releases Potted Plants Catalog

Syngenta Flowers recently released a new Potted Plants Catalog, which includes innovative breeding and exciting new introductions for the indoor space... more »

Farwest Show judges select favorites for Retailers’ Choice Awards

Garden retailers roamed the trade show floor as part of the Retailers’ Choice Awards and chose 15 different products that caught their eyes as judg... more »

Best of Show, Awards of Merit given out at Farwest Show

Best of Show, Awards of Merit given out at Farwest Show

Variegated Frydek Elephant Ear (Alocasia micholitziana ‘Frydek Variegata’) was chosen by professional judges as the Best in Show winner in the ... more »

ThinkPlants releases 2023-24 New Varieties Catalog

ThinkPlants announced it is releasing a 2023/24 New Varieties catalog as a supplement to its 2022/23 book. ThinkPlants has launched more than 40 new i... more »

Trial-proven produce varieties to stock your benches

All-America Selections continues to evolve after celebrating 90 years of plant trialing last year. Along with a robust testing program for flowers, th... more »