February 2024
2024: Year of the African violet

Each year, the National Garden Bureau (NGB) designates specific crops to honor and promote at all levels of the industry. As part of its “Year of” program, the organization selects one annual, perennial, bulb crop,... more »
A lot of new ideas at Wallace’s Garden Center come not only from staff, but from visiting other garden centers.

January 2024
Cultivating innovation in the garden center

It’s no secret innovation is key to staying relevant in garden retail. Lawn & Garden Retailer explored hot retail topics in a recent roundtable webinar with several recipients of its Innovator Awards: Edna Kane, Butterfly... more »
Revamp Your Retail Series: Merchandising

January 2024
Revamp Your Retail Series: Merchandising

What goes unseen goes unsold; if customers never see the product, they can’t buy it. This makes merchandising a keystone of retail sales. In mainstream marketing, merchandising research is often conducted with identical packages of... more »
Top Feature Articles of 2023

December 19, 2023
Top 13 garden retailer feature articles of 2023

We've crunched the numbers and the results are in: Following is a list of the 13 feature articles that received the most clicks from visitors to our website in 2023. 1. Meet the 2023 Lawn... more »
Creative display of Dramm merchandise at Cultivate. Photo courtesy of Dramm.

January 2024
Give your tool displays a tune-up

L&GR: What trends are you seeing in tools/equipment — are there other accessories you offer/are considering offering in the future? Ryan Amberg, general manager of the Felco subsidiary covering North America: Over the past few... more »
A cute help shed in the yard provides an easy-to-spot place to get plant help.

November/December 2023
Finding inspiration in Milwaukee garden centers

The Garden Center Show tour began on a comfortably cool morning — but both the day and the retail inspiration heated up quickly. Attendees strolled five garden retailers in the Milwaukee area, each with its own... more »

November/December 2023
Cincinnati Sights: Snapshots from 5 Cincinnati-area garden centers

Mad for Mixes Plenty of interesting combinations were spotted on the tour. [caption id="attachment_65617" align="aligncenter"... more »
holiday trends kicker Roman Confetti Lites

July 2023
What’s trending for the holidays

From new and novel to the traditional, holiday décor is a hot category for retailers. Read on to see what holiday décor suppliers predict to be top sellers this Christmas. L&GR: What are your best-selling... more »
Ball Ingenuity hydrangea 'Tabletensia'

June 2023
Merchandising inspiration from California Spring Trials

A little rain didn’t dampen the mood at California Spring Trials, where breeding companies had their new and notable varieties on full display. On the following pages is some creative inspiration you can bring to... more »
Sakata displayed three-season crops at CAST 2023.

June 2023
3-Season crops for more sales

Three-season crops were a continuous trend at California Spring Trials. We caught up with some breeding companies to find out more about these season extenders and how garden centers can promote them to their customers.... more »
Pottery displayed in a color wave at Sunnypoint Gardens in Wisconsin.

April 2023
IGCs share successful merchandising strategies

Anyone in retail knows that merchandising isn’t a one-and-done procedure; it’s a never-ending process of refreshing and rearranging to make sure merchandise is seen. After all, if your customers can’t see it, they can’t buy... more »