July 2017

Easing Frustration

We talk about Mother Nature a lot in this industry, and for good reason. Everything from a few seemingly harmless rainy weekends in a row to much more detrimental flooding can take a toll on business.... more

Anniversary & Expansion

This year Wasson Nursery in Indiana is celebrating 40 years in business and the opening of its newest location.

New Varieties Revealed

Hundreds of new introductions made their debut at the 2017 California Spring Trials. We certainly can’t share them all with you, but here are some of our favorites.

Manage Your Year to the Possible Profit End

Whether you have a current increase or decrease in year-to-date sales, you’ll want to read how to handle the rest of 2017.

Getting Customers Excited

New plants can be a challenge, but here’s how you can use them to increase your customer base and boost the bottom line with current shoppers.

Designing with Heart, Selling with Brains

When I speak all over the country to garden clubs, at symposiums, botanical gardens and other similar venues on a variety of topics, no topic garners more enthusiasm and interest than container design... more

Stars from a Mile High

A spring trip to the Denver area came with some unexpected post-Mother’s Day snow but still dozens of great takeaways that could surely inspire your garden center signage and displays.

A Customer Service Gem for You

This one simple rule can have an unexpectedly high ROI.

Exploring African Violets

Use these tips to get the most out of your houseplants at retail.

To Better Serve the Customer …

Whether you’re a breeder or a retailer, or anyone one in between, we all share one critical component that allows each of us to financially survive: the end or ultimate consumer.

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