Bloomin' Easy creates augmented reality experience for its top varieties

Mar 19, 2024
Bloomin’ Easy creates augmented reality experience for its top varieties

Bloomin’ Easy has revealed a new augmented reality (AR) experience for consumers to use on a mobile device. AR is available for its top 10 shrub varieties through and

By spring 2025, Bloomin’ Easy aims to offer augmented reality for more top sellers from its collection of shrubs and perennials within its Care+ smartphone app and branded variety tags.

Bloomin' Easy augmented reality experience hydrangea 'Grin and Tonic'
Hydrangea ‘Grin and Tonic’

“As a younger brand, it’s important that we continue to differentiate and offer the market unique, premium value,” said Madison House, consumer marketing manager. “Young homeowners are already using augmented reality through retail experiences from Ikea and Nike — why not give them a fun try-before-you-buy experience with buddleias and hydrangeas?” 

Bloomin’ Easy partnered with Home Outside to create its new AR experience. The designers and developers at Home Outside are led by founder and CEO Julie Moir Messervy, recognized industry wide for her high-profile design projects, international lectures and published works. Bloomin’ Easy sees Home Outside as leaders in bringing the latest landscape design tech directly to the booming group of young homeowners they’re each focused on serving. 

AR is available at for the following Bloomin’ Easy varieties in time for spring:

  • Reblooming hydrangea ‘Grin and Tonic’
  • Reblooming hydrangea ‘Cherry-Go-Round’
  • Hardy hydrangea ‘Dragon Baby’
  • Mountain hydrangea ‘Pink Dynamo’
  • Hardy hydrangea ‘Torch’
  • Butterfly bush ‘Birthday Cake’
  • Rose ‘Peach Lemonade’
  • Honeysuckle ‘Thunderbolt Box’
  • Spirea ‘Poprocks Petite’
  • Spirea ‘Rainbow Fizz’

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