Aug 26, 2022
Petal It Forward Day Is Oct. 19

Petal It Forward 22-1200-1080x234The Society of American Florists’ annual goodwill giveaway, in which floral businesses hand out two bouquets — one for the recipient to keep and one for them to give away — returns Wednesday, Oct. 19.

Here are some steps you can take now to lay the foundation for a successful event in your community.

1. Save the date! Petal It Forward 2022 is Wednesday, Oct. 19.

2. Register your business so that SAF can provide optimal support to your team and keep an accurate count of the Petal It Forward participants nationwide, so you can share that with your local media.

3. Coordinate with your team and industry partners. Craft a plan for what you plan to pass out on Oct. 19 and how you plan to run the day, depending on your team’s workload and availability, product availability and other factors. Remind your employees (and any partners helping you out on the day) of area restrictions and norms as they relate to social distancing and facial masks.

4. Scout your resources. SAF has tons of new and updated resources you can use this year, including:

5. Get social. The real impact of your efforts will be felt on social media this year. Make sure you post photos and encourage recipients to share their best shots with relevant hashtags, including #PetalItForward.

6. Share your stories. Be sure to tag SAF in your social media posts or send an email to Amanda Jedlinsky after the event with some of your favorite moments, so that we can share in the good cheer generated through this year’s event.