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Feb 23, 2021
Proven Winners’ Shrub Madness Continues for Eighth Year

Celebrate the start of spring with Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrub Madness, the only bracket competition that pits shrub against shrub in a no-holds-barred battle for the title of National Champion.

Think March’s college basketball tournament, but your votes determine which plant advances through the rounds. Playing along is easy!

  • The contest runs in prediction mode the last two weeks of February. You will have the opportunity to create an account and fill out a bracket with your own predictions of how the tournament will play out. The Shrub Madness program will then keep track of your bracket, comparing it and tracking it against  how the matches actually turn out based on popular vote. You do not need to play along in prediction mode to vote in or win prizes in Shrub Madness, but we will award additional prizes to those whose prediction brackets come closer to the actual results. Note: the bracket is best filled out on a larger screen, like a laptop or desktop.
  • Every day in March, visit to vote your favorite plants through to the next round of the competition. Registration is not necessary just to vote in the competition, but you can only win plants if you register (that’s just because it’s the only way we can get your information to contact you if you win. We promise we won’t be spamming you, selling your information, or storing your information). You can follow along with the voting results here.
  • Prizes will be awarded by a random drawing of all participants who enter their e-mail address after voting. The actual prizes will be determined by which plants win that round of voting. In the event that one of the plants is not hardy in the winner’s climate, we will work with the winner to select an appropriate substitution. Plants will ship at the proper planting time for the winner’s area. All plants are provided and shipped by
  • Please note: if you previously created an account to play Shrub Madness, you will need to create a new account this year to play.
  • Open to residents of the United States and Canada.  ​

To read the official Shrub Madness contest rules, click here.