ThinkPlants Launches New Perennials for 2022-23 Season Syngenta Flowers Phlox

Jul 12, 2022
ThinkPlants Launches New Perennials for 2022-23 Season

ThinkPlants Launches New Perennials for 2022-23 Season coverThinkPlants, an expanding marketing and supply chain initiative which brings exceptional plants to the North American nursery industry, and includes the companies of Syngenta Flowers, Danziger, Terra Nova Nurseries, Unex USA LLC, Kapiteyn b.v., Kieft Seed, Plants Marketing Australia, Gulley Greenhouses, Headstart Nursery, Green Circle Growers, Royal Van Zanten, Creekside Greenhouses, James Greenhouses and KiwiFlora, is launching its new 22-23 perennial catalog.

“We spend a lot of time talking about the great perennial genetics offered via the ThinkPlants initiative, and in reviewing these outstanding perennial offerings, I am struck by the diversity and quality of the product represented by this group,” says Joey Wiseman, director.

“But even more than that, I am proud of all the companies that participate in ThinkPlants, and the approach we take to get these plants introduced, produced and delivered to our great customers. We all bring diversity to the table with our breeding efforts and market outreach. This diversity is the core of our strength. I am excited to continue to grow the list of ThinkPlants participants and to find new and exciting ways to serve the perennial plant growers of North America. I am very proud of the new introductions for the upcoming year.”

Some of the new for 22-23 introductions include:

JAVELIN Compact Purple Lavender

Syngenta Flowers

Syngenta Flowers JAVELIN Compact Purple LavenderThe first compact habit and earliest to bloom in the acclaimed Javelin Lavender line. This cultivar has the large flags Javelin is known for, holding them immediately above the foliage, for a nice compact look. This unique attribute makes this new plant ideal for quart and gallon production. Hardiness USDA Zone 7 to 9.

PANAMA Red Echinacea


Danziger PANAMA Red Echinacea
This is the first Echinacea on the market that is produced from an un-rooted cutting. Panama Red branches well and has abundant red blooms, which will antique well with age. Naturally compact, Panama Red is great for quarts and gallons. Hardiness USDA Zone 5 to 9.

BLOOMCHAMPION Hydrangea macrophylla Mysterious Blue

Creekside Greenhouses

Creekside Greenhouse BLOOMCHAMPION Hydrangea macrophylla Mysterious Blue

Winner of a Gold Medal ‘KVBC Spring Challenge 2020’, this hydrangea boasts 3 months of blooms and can be both a strong pink and blue. Bred for strong stems, long-lasting blooms, and is reblooming. Hardiness USDA Zone 5 to 9.

GUSTO Gaillardia Series

DanzigerDanziger GUSTO Gaillardia Series

Consistent flowering on symmetrical round habit. Bred for uniformity and easy rooting. Plants are first year flowering and are very quick to fill the container. New flowers cover maturing stems, creating a continued fresh look through the growing season. Hardiness USDA Zone 4 to 9.

TIDEPOOL Sky Blue Lithodora

Syngenta Flowers

Syngenta Flowers TIDEPOOL Sky Blue Lithodora

Tidepool has a true-blue stand-out color and a tidy habit creating great producibility. The habit is fuller and refined, and flowers throughout the plant. Hardiness USDA Zone 5 to 9.

The New ThinkPlants catalog can be found at the ThinkPlants website