February 2004
Braving the California Coast

The 2004 California Pack Trials are sure to provide new, unique and must-have varieties for your future green goods mix.

Hopefully, one of your resolutions is to stay abreast of the happenings within the industry. There’s no better way to stay on top of the new varieties than to visit the California Pack Trials. This year they are beginning a little earlier, March 27 and ending April 9 because of the Easter holidays. The Pack Trials are a great resource when deciding what you would like to supply to your customers, and it gives you a little leverage and better relations when informing your grower what you want.

This year, you can be guided through the California Pack Trials with the Lawn & Garden Retailer/GCA Pack Trial Tour, where all the work is done for you, or you can brave it on your own. However, there are only 50 seats available on the tour, so if you forget to register and wait too long to reserve your spot or if you want to brave the California coast solo, here are the locations to see and the contact information for each location. Make sure to contact the companies ahead of time and make appointments for your visit.