February 2004
Easy Does It By Catherine Evans

Easy gardening is a trend that gives instant gratification to the consumer and sales to the register.

We all have busy lives and not a lot of time to do the things we enjoy. Have you noticed recently that gardening is becoming one of those things?

Customers want a garden, and they want it fast. How do we give it to them without feeling that it is becoming an old shoe that people will toss away when it has worn out? That is where the easy part comes in.

Stocking the right tools, carrying hardy plants, labeling product correctly and using easy-access displays are just some of the ways to attract these time-starved customers to your store. Providing the right equipment to make their gardens lovely scenes in no time makes them happy. People want to know that there are ways to do this fast with some of the old methods still present. The best way to show them is by carrying the right equipment for both ends of the spectrum.

It may be disappointing to see that consumers are so time conscience that they don’t want to garden; but look at it this way: Those people want it done faster so they can enjoy it sooner. Times are changing and to bring about the cliché list: People realize that time is of the essence and stopping to smell the roses, in a hop, skip and a jump, is just what the doctor ordered.

Catherine Evans

Catherine Evans is an associate editor of Lawn & Garden Retailer.


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