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Every spring, the California coast from San Diego to San Francisco comes alive with open houses hosted by major plant breeders in the United States and Europe. Known to growers as the California Pack Trials,... more »

Saving for a Rainy Day

This past spring was full of rain and unhappy faces. What's the phrase that annoying camp counselor always said to us? That's right, "Turn that frown upside down!" Sorry to say, there is some truth... more »

Windows of Opportunity

One of the most pervasive renovation challenges for garden centers is making the best use of existing structures that are in the wrong place or those that have outlived their retail usefulness. I call such... more »

Something to think about

Heading into hiatus after the first year of Lawn & Garden Retailer , we wanted to leave our readers with enough information to keep them busy until our return in January. The suggestion of a... more »

Lawn & Garden Retailer Headlines

Easy radio commercialsThe Society of American Florists is now making it easier for SAF members to include radio commercials in their advertising mix. A library of more than 50 creative radio commercial scripts awaits members... more »

The InvaluableTraining Coordinator

Before you embark on a long-term training program for your garden center, you'll need to enlist a training coordinator from your team other than yourself. The person you need is motivated to help others and... more »

A Little light in your life

When you think of lighting for your home, you probably imagine indoor lamps and fixtures, but lighting is also a good accent for outdoors. No, I'm not just talking about porch lights and green and... more »

My life is so much better

With her brother, Robert, Dana Altum Gibson is co-owner of Altum's Horticultural Center in the Indianapolis suburb of Zionsville, Ind. Despite nearby road construction, which choked her spring business, Gibson was more optimistic than ever... more »

Lessons from the English

This year, my husband and I decided we were going to see a bit more of the world for our vacation. England kept beckoning us to come. I wondered what trends the English were following... more »

Reachable Add-On Sales

Have you scrutinized the potential of your checkouts lately? The checkout aisle is the last chance you have to create a lasting impression and encourage add-on sales at your store. Looking customers in the eye... more »

Training and the “Mastery Loop”

Have you noticed that the word "training" has been watered down lately and confused with education? I see education as the first step, where we learn new ideas, and training as the second, where we... more »

Lawn & Garden Retailer Headlines

FPO to boost flower sales post-Mother's DayFPO announced plans to increase its promotional efforts post-Mother's Day and into early summer this year. Expanding this year into a sixth market, the FPO Board will use their... more »