Mosquito vs. Mosquito Fish

Richard Paxton's book The Hot Zone proved that virtually any organism on earth is within a jet ride from our own front door. Be it the invisible Ebola Virus, Mediterranean fruit fly or Russian tumbleweeds,... more »

The Urge To Splurge

There's a new book out that offers independent garden centers a real ray of hope for 2004, provided they truly understand the consumer dynamics that are building and then make the conscious decision to take... more »

Nursery Market Profitability

Today's nursery stock buyer needs to be concerned with more than just finding the right grower, the right price and the right plants. Sure, quality still counts, but if you want to enter the world... more »

Turning Angry Customers Into Loyal Happy Customers

No matter what you do for your customers, there are always those who are cranky and demanding, believing that silly phrase, "the customer is always right." They even try to throw that phrase in when... more »

Branding: Here We Go Again, Part I

Say the word "branding" to any group of L&G executives, and you are likely to get some sighs, rolled eyes and under-the-breath utterances of "Here we go again." In addition to being oft maligned, it... more »

This & That

After being on break for several months, I had too many things on my mind to focus on one topic, so I decided on a little bit of everything for this month's column. Resolutions I... more »

Work the Product

The fate of your garden décor inventory may rest on how much you adhere to those familiar lyrics by The Byrds: "To every thing, turn, turn, turn. There is a season, turn, turn, turn." Retailer... more »

Who is your Customer?

Just as important as opening your eyes to the image your business creates is focusing on who your customer is. You can be making great impressions, but if the wrong audience is noticing, it won't... more »

Putting Trees in the Limelight

Over the last 10 years, garden centers have become more sophisticated in their approach to selling, merchandising and displaying in many areas of the store. We build new greenhouses for annuals and perennials, new stores... more »

Color, Color, Color

I travel to numerous garden centers and trade shows every year, studying all of the trends, displays, customer service ideas -- basically everything that has to do with the industry. The thing that I have... more »

Industry Leader Forecast

Oh, if only we had crystal balls. Think about it. We could see into the future and be prepared for those late-coming springs or the newest product trend or the economy's ups and downs. It... more »

Successful Sales

What is the next big area of garden retailing that, when improved, will increase profit? You meet all of the discounted early-order deadlines. All of your available space, and then some, is full of product... more »