August 29, 2022
Seed Your Future Creates Green Career Week

Seed Your Future has created Green Career Week to take place Oct. 3-7 as a national campaign led by industry professionals to increase awareness about green industry careers (aka in your garden center) and help... more »

September/October 2022
The Power of Engagement

Engagement…the act or process of creating emotional involvement or commitment. What a powerful word, one that we use all the time in many different situations. There’s a couple’s engagement, making an emotional commitment and agreement... more »

Armstrong Gardens Case Study
Armstrong Gardens Case Study

{Sponsored} Implementing an Integrated System Pike Nurseries had been operating its locations using two separate, older computer systems — one for point of sale and one for... more »
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August 2022
How Long is a Customer’s Memory?

What’s the scientific response to the question of how long a customer’s memory is? It depends! And the answer will become more critically important as it’s forecasted that inflation, stagflation and recession will all play... more »
Mother's Day roses and tiaras at Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery

August 2022
IGCs Get Creative to Avoid Holiday Burnout

When the holiday season is in full swing it can be hard to take a moment and enjoy it. Here, four independent garden centers share their tips and advice for avoiding holiday burnout themselves and... more »
Liz Lark-Riley is the managing director of Rockledge Gardens.

June 2022
The Secret to Keeping Promises

I was at a restaurant with a friend and she mentioned that she had never waited tables. She said, “When you first start working it seems like you either go the restaurant route or the... more »
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June 2022
Your Destiny Depends on Your People

Back in August 2020, I wrote the column “Krulak’s Law of Leadership,” based on a leadership/management theory presented by retired U.S. Marines Gen. Charles C. Krulak. The crux of his theory was that, though the... more »
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June 2022
Happy Hiring

The Great Resignation that’s taken place over the last two years has made employers re-evaluate how they hire and retain workers. A new study from recruiting software company Lever, “2022 Great Resignation: The State of... more »
Ashcombe Farm and Greenhouses Celebrates 60 Years - original old store front

May 17, 2022
Ashcombe Farm and Greenhouses Celebrates 60 Years

Ashcombe Farm and Greenhouses, a long-standing establishment in the heart of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, recently announced it is celebrating its 60th spring in business. This independent garden center is a local favorite with loyal customers and... more »
Retail Sales

May 5, 2022
Retailers Say Small Businesses Hardest Hit by Rising Credit Card Swipe Fees

The National Retail Federation (NRF) and a group of small retailers told Congress small businesses are the hardest hit by high credit card “swipe” fees that are driving up inflation and that they want to... more »

April 2022
Your Brand, Your Identity

One of my all-time favorite authors was Theodor Seuss Geisel, more commonly known as Dr. Seuss; I avidly read his books as a young reader, then read them to my five younger siblings, my own... more »

April 2022
Leveraging Technology to Fertilize Growth

Running a garden retail business in today’s unpredictable environment can be daunting, but the right software tools can make growing your business a simpler and surer path. Small business owners often have many roles; the... more »