November 2007
Lawn & Garden Retailer and OFA’s First State of the Industry Survey

How has the lawn and garden retail business changed in the past year? What most impacted your bottom line? As retailers, how do you envision your garden center evolving in the near future? Perhaps the... more »

August 2007
Creating An Animated Christmas Fantasyland

Every retailer faces fierce competition in today's Christmas marketplace. Christmas merchandise is now sold through every imaginable outlet. Whether it's drug store chains, home improvement stores or even the local supermarket, everyone wants a piece... more »

August 2007
Getting The Most From Seasonal Employees

It's that time of year again. Many lawn and garden centers are anticipating their busiest holiday season ever! However, the surge in sales and service that is about to take place may create a need... more »

August 2007
Focusing On Service

As retailers, you know providing good service — the kind customers go home and tell their friends about — is no easy task. The devil is in the details, as the cliché goes, and while... more »

August 2007

Sometimes there are lessons to be learned from outside of our industry that can be applied to our businesses. Just because the idea or concept wasn't invented here doesn't mean it won't work in floriculture/horticulture,... more »

August 2007
April Showers Really Do Bring May Flowers

Spring: a time when birds return home, gardens start to grow and your stress level rises. However, from the reports I have received, it seems that spring went pretty well for many garden center retailers.... more »

June 2007
Pohmer On…Clairvoyant Or Close Minded…A Subtle Difference

I just attended the Super Floral Show in Columbus, Ohio, an event that focuses on the mass market (namely supermarket) channel but with increasing interest from forward-thinking garden centers and florists who want to see... more »

June 2007
Personalizing The Experience

What increases the likelihood a person is going to keep coming back to a business? More often than not, it's the people and not the products and services that hook a client for life. Think... more »

June 2007
Make Your Move

Three years ago, Mark and Fran Landa, owners of Boulevard Flowers, Colonial Heights, Va., made the decision to move their 52-year-old business from its original facility to a location three miles away. Although the new... more »

June 2007
Battling The Big Boys: Rules Of Engagement For Independents

As another spring rush enters the books, how is your season looking? Whatever you are experiencing, chances are good that as an independent your season is being affected by mass market outlets in your area.... more »

June 2007
Listening (And Responding) To You

Reader comments can help keep columnists and their ideas based in the real world, and occasionally, columnists can help retailers stay rooted in reality, too. This month, I'm taking the time to address some interesting... more »

May 2007
Pohmer On…I’m Confused!

I admit it, I'm confused. (Most of you are shaking your heads because I actually publicly admitted infallibility, and the others are nodding, saying, "Yeah, we knew that already!") In all seriousness, I'm concerned and... more »