Trends At Every Stop

A crew from Lawn & Garden Retailer made our way from San Diego to San Francisco for the California Pack Trials last April. We noticed again this year that companies are integrating more into Pack... more »

Independents: Setting Themselves Apart

Retailing horticultural products has come a long way in a short time. Do you remember when you produced handwritten signage? Now we have educational, brand-oriented, vibrant, professionally made signs. Do you remember when we sold... more »

Retail Makeover: Building a Fresh New Look

Are you ready to be among the ranks of swanky, upscale depart-ment stores? This season, make it a priority to keep key endcaps and island displays filled to the brim with new and exciting plants... more »

Fashion In Flowers And Plants Marketing

The world is changing fast. There is an aging population worldwide. People are richer than ever before and have more leisure time in which to spend their money. Some are delaying retirement because pensions are... more »

Transitioning From Holiday Promotions

In today's lawn and garden market, promotions impact sales in two ways: their ability to act as public relations tools and the value-added service they extend to existing and new customers. Events, both holiday and... more »

Healthful Gardening

When it comes to promoting the health benefits of gardening and plants, retailers are still in the waiting room. Few lawn and garden centers promote lugging bags of mulch around, along with weeding, digging and... more »

Feeling The Winds of Change

Each year Lawn & Garden Retailer asks a number of well-known industry professionals to make their predictions for the new year. This year is no different. We have different perspectives from a retailer, a few... more »

Pohmer On: Lessons To Be Learned…Wal-Mart

OK, after reading the headline, you're probably expecting a discourse on how low prices drive business and how you should jump on that bandwagon. Don't take me wrong... Wal-Mart is a very successful company that... more »

What Looks Good To You?

As you're walking through the mall or driving down the street, which retail stores grab your attention? It might be a store's window display, its advertisement on the side of a bus or another person... more »

Low-Cost Marketing Ideas

Creative ways to advertise and market products, companies and events are conceived every day, each one bigger and better than the one before. Larger companies can even afford to hire agencies to do all of... more »

The Not-So-Big Garden Center: Being Right About Demographics

The January 2006 issue of Lawn & Garden Retailer included the annual "Industry Leader Forecast" article, and I was flattered to be included in the forecasting group. As 2006 draws to a close, I revisited... more »

Changing Customer Habits

The single most consistent factor in the entire retail equation is "The Customer." Everything may change. Cycles come and go. Prices and geography have less to do with customer habit than an innate and intuitive... more »