The Rapid Rise of Mobile

Is today's technology making you feel so yesterday? Get used to it, because your customer's smartphone is already so tomorrow.Since technology changes so quickly, I thought I'd mention that I'm writing this on Tuesday morning,... more »

Connecting the Dots

Your social media efforts should tie into the rest of your marketing mix to create a clear path that your customers can follow. For Calloway's Nursery, that path leads directly through the doors of the... more »

The More Things Change…

After 80 years in business, much at Pemberton Farms has changed, but a lot has stayed the same. In today's age of technology, is there still room for good, old-fashioned customer service?When my grandfather Tofic... more »

A ‘Constant’ Companion

Can your regular e-newsletter be a form of social media, too? Well, your customers have given you their e-mail addresses and invited you to communicate with them... what's more social than that?With all the social... more »

We All Scream For . . .

Customers in 40 U.S. markets are going wild for Groupon, a collective-buying website that offers deals at local businesses. With more than 3 million subscribers, it's a largely untapped market for garden centers to take... more »

Tweet Your Way In

Connecting to customers and building loyal relationships is an important element to grow sales. Can it be done 140 characters at a time?The ways to connect with customers continue to expand in this age of... more »

Ready for Your Close-up?

There's nothing like a little television air time to promote your garden center and tout your own expertise. Everyone loves a star!Early last spring, I received a phone call from Boston's CBS affiliate, WBZ-TV ( more »

Facebook: The ‘X’ Files

Get in touch with your younger potential customer base — and show your existing customers how with the times you are — by hopping on FacebookAs an independent retailer, two of the most important things... more »

Social Networking: Does it Work?

Texas-based Calloway's Nursery never wanted a New York PR agency approach to reaching their customers. So theirs stays true to its roots: It ties in with every aspect of their marketing plan and is tailored... more »

Hello My Name is Your New Best Friend

Ah, the power of the press! But in an age where consumer print publications are cutting back on the pages they give to gardening, it may be time to foster relationships elsewhere. Start with local... more »

Twitter and Facebook and iPhones…Oh, My!

After nearly 80 years in business, Pemberton Farms & Garden Center has really taken a leap in to the 21st century and added a heavy social media element to its marketing and promotion efforts. Adding... more »

Gifts That Keep on Giving

The busy holiday season is a perfect time to let your best customers know how much you appreciate them.The holiday season is here, and you've got plenty to worry about already. In addition to the... more »