Reach Out and Touch Someone

Ed Bemis' garden center was full of poinsettias with no place to go. After an ice storm in December, he had leftovers to give away but no customers to take them. So he sent out... more »

Take Steps to Shine

There is a maxim in marketing that it costs much more to cultivate new business than to retain an existing customer. More than ever, in this economy, this has proven to be true. When business... more »

Go for Gold

What an exciting and inspiring summer we had, watching outstanding athletes compete in the summer Olympics. Who didn't cheer at the top of their lungs as Michael Phelps won his eighth gold medal and made... more »

Help Customers Find the Perfect Plants

No, I am not looking for a date! But I do have an idea for you that could be both profitable and fun. We all know that our customers (and potential customers) are busy, busy,... more »

Trendspotting at Pack Trials

The Lawn & Garden Retailer staff's trip to the 2008 Pack Trials, which began in Encinitas and wrapped up a week later in Gilroy, was a fantastic opportunity to preview all the breeders' newest introductions... more »

More Than a Feeling

Inspiration. It's the first stage of product development and often motivates the final sale. Find the right inspiration, and you'll create an upscale shopping experience that transports your retail guests to another place and time.... more »

Web 301: Getting the Word Out

You've got your website designed, built and ready to go. Your web designer has helped you secure a host — or maybe you are technically savvy enough to host your website on your own server... more »

Keep Customers Coming Back for More

Q As summer approaches, what are some surefire ways to encourage customers to keep coming back to the garden center after their initial spring planting? There's nothing like spring at a garden center — the... more »

Web 201: Complementing Design and Function

Good websites don't just happen. A lot of forethought, planning and organizing goes into creating a website that is useful, purposeful and resourceful. Once you have a master plan for your website — the things... more »

Making Your Wishes Come True

Yes, it's true; the Christmas season is behind us (and I hope it was a great season for everyone), but the time for making wishes come true and fulfilling dreams is right in front of... more »

A Mixed Bouquet

In recent years, garden centers have become increasingly diverse, offering more than plants and plant care supplies. Product lines include gifts, food, furniture, perhaps even pet-care accessories. Oddly enough, though, cut flowers don't often seem... more »

Publicizing In-Store Events

In-store events are far more than just a service for your customers. Events can attract new customers to your store and provide existing customers with fresh ideas or regular maintenance reminders. And they reinforce your... more »