Making A Scene

With extra in-store promotions and recent breeding innovations, orchids are experiencing a revival that's worth your customers' attention.For brown thumbs and new homeowners, orchids can give off an intimidating vibe. To them, their delicate and... more »

The International Stage

It's always a good idea to step out of your store's confines to see what other garden centers are doing. Here we get a glimpse at merchandising from some of Europe's best.Please select the PDF... more »

Small Concept Goes Big

Thanks to staff creativity and customer interest, the fairy gardening department at Tonkadale Greenhouse provides gardeners a reason to shop no matter the season.About five years ago at Tonkadale Greenhouse in Minnetonka, Minn., I started... more »

Date Night?

When it comes to new ideas, where do you look? It may be time to step outside of our industry to get inspired.Where is the first place you take someone who's visiting a big city... more »

Let Me Explain…

... what mannequin containers are and why they're an important part of our displays at A Proper Garden.The first time I'd ever heard the term "mannequin containers" in our industry was during a presentation given... more »

Getting Warmer

Think warm thoughts. Why? Because the Garden Centers of America (GCA) Holiday Tour in Minnesota is upon us, and depending on where you are in the country, warm spring weekends might feel light years away.... more »

Publishing Success

Today, garden centers can easily collect and send targeted educational materials to a publisher to generate highly customized print or digital content.This past year saw significant changes in the publishing world. And while large bookstores... more »

Hope for the Holidays

The coming of cold weather doesn't have to mean the going of steady sales. Here are some ideas on how to transition your store from spring blooms and summer doldrums to fall harvest and winter... more »

Together vs. Separate

When merchandising eco-friendly and more conventional products, how does your garden center go? Today's consumers have made "going green" part of their lifestyles, and considering their close relationship to the earth, sustainability is often of... more »

Cover New Ground

Embracing the newest trends in breeding, branding and merchandising groundcovers can help improve long-term sales as customers turn to this eco-friendly, robust option for problem landscape areas.Groundcovers are rising in popularity as plants with eco-friendly... more »

Just the Plants, Ma’am

Some garden centers try to be everything to every customer, with a variety of gifts, hard goods, tools and services. And for some garden centers, that works like a dream. But for Calloway's Nursery, it's... more »

Make a Big Splash in No Time

Great merchandising doesn't mean reinventing the wheel every time you have a new product. With just a few solid pieces to act as a backbone for your displays, you can have movable, creative merchandising in... more »


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