Youth Appeal

A garden center trying too hard to project a certain image can feel much like interacting with a person trying too hard to fit a certain style: extremely uncomfortable. "If something is not authentic, people... more »

Go for Gold

What an exciting and inspiring summer we had, watching outstanding athletes compete in the summer Olympics. Who didn't cheer at the top of their lungs as Michael Phelps won his eighth gold medal and made... more »

Selling Nature

After allowing space for traffic flow, every other square foot of your sales floor is valuable — so it's important to use it wisely. Great numbers of varied merchandise spur sales; customers will slow down... more »

Educate to Decorate

Everyone knows the educated consumer buys more. And as a retailer, you need to do everything in your power to teach customers what to do with the products you display and sell. Since we started... more »

Leaders of the Pack

The response to our call for nominations for the second annual Merchandiser of the Year competition was overwhelming! Entries were coming in right down to the wire, and each nominee brought a unique perspective on... more »

Help Customers Find the Perfect Plants

No, I am not looking for a date! But I do have an idea for you that could be both profitable and fun. We all know that our customers (and potential customers) are busy, busy,... more »

Selling the Halloween Story

Halloween, with its widespread appeal and wonderfully wacky nature, presents a lucrative opportunity for garden center retailers willing to inspire — and frighten — fun-loving customers. People of all ages celebrate this holiday, and consumers... more »

Trendspotting at Pack Trials

The Lawn & Garden Retailer staff's trip to the 2008 Pack Trials, which began in Encinitas and wrapped up a week later in Gilroy, was a fantastic opportunity to preview all the breeders' newest introductions... more »

Explore the Great Outdoors

Having outdoor spaces to merchandise at your garden center can be a blessing and a curse. Wind, rain, wildlife, shoplifters and sprinklers can take their toll on your displays, which also must be designed to... more »

From the Inside Out

Today's garden centers recognize their role stretches beyond helping match a customer with that perfect plant. Customers seek inspiration, a venue to help create the kind of lifestyle they've always imagined for themselves. As more... more »

Color Your World

Legend has it that Henry Ford said, "You can have any color you want, as long as it's black," in regards to the production of his Model-T automobile. While untrue, this legend makes a great... more »

Things Are Looking Up

Success in retail is predicated on the ability to compel the prospective customer to stop, look and buy. Throughout retail's grand evolution, merchants have creatively enticed customers into their stores and through their selling environments.... more »


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