Together vs. Separate

When merchandising eco-friendly and more conventional products, how does your garden center go? Today's consumers have made "going green" part of their lifestyles, and considering their close relationship to the earth, sustainability is often of... more »

Cover New Ground

Embracing the newest trends in breeding, branding and merchandising groundcovers can help improve long-term sales as customers turn to this eco-friendly, robust option for problem landscape areas.Groundcovers are rising in popularity as plants with eco-friendly... more »

Just the Plants, Ma’am

Some garden centers try to be everything to every customer, with a variety of gifts, hard goods, tools and services. And for some garden centers, that works like a dream. But for Calloway's Nursery, it's... more »

Make a Big Splash in No Time

Great merchandising doesn't mean reinventing the wheel every time you have a new product. With just a few solid pieces to act as a backbone for your displays, you can have movable, creative merchandising in... more »

Custom Wreaths: Circular Satisfaction

A wreath, in its simplest form, is a ring of evergreen to hang on a door during the holidays. But a custom wreath? Think pinecone clusters, ribbons in every color, maybe even peacock feathers —... more »

Merchandise This!

Last month, Tim and I headed to Las Vegas to represent Lawn & Garden Retailer as the official publication sponsor of the National Hardware Show's Lawn, Garden & Outdoor Living segment. It was a quick... more »

Relishing the Limelight

After more than 15 years in business, Beaver Bark Gift and Garden Center got a much-deserved 15 minutes of fame in the local media as one of three finalists for Lawn & Garden Retailer's Merchandiser... more »

Youth Appeal

A garden center trying too hard to project a certain image can feel much like interacting with a person trying too hard to fit a certain style: extremely uncomfortable. "If something is not authentic, people... more »

Go for Gold

What an exciting and inspiring summer we had, watching outstanding athletes compete in the summer Olympics. Who didn't cheer at the top of their lungs as Michael Phelps won his eighth gold medal and made... more »

Selling Nature

After allowing space for traffic flow, every other square foot of your sales floor is valuable — so it's important to use it wisely. Great numbers of varied merchandise spur sales; customers will slow down... more »

Educate to Decorate

Everyone knows the educated consumer buys more. And as a retailer, you need to do everything in your power to teach customers what to do with the products you display and sell. Since we started... more »

Leaders of the Pack

The response to our call for nominations for the second annual Merchandiser of the Year competition was overwhelming! Entries were coming in right down to the wire, and each nominee brought a unique perspective on... more »