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October 11, 2011
Attending the 2011 Get Social! Telesummit?

The green industry's largest online internet marketing and social media conference begins on Monday, October 17th. Four nights. Eight special guests. No travel required.The 2011 GetSocial! Telesummit is presented and hosted by green industry social... more »

September 14, 2011
Burpee Happy With Garden Coach 2011 Results

In its inaugural year, The Burpee Garden Coach mobile text-messaging tool provided more than 67,000 user tips to home vegetable gardeners.In its inaugural year, The Burpee Garden Coach mobile text-messaging tool provided more than 67,000... more »

August 2, 2011
IGC Show Bound? Get The App

IGC Show organizers announced the IGC 2011 App for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is now available for free download at the iTunes App Store. Users of smartphone devices other than those supported by... more »

The Tattoo Shop Lesson

If a tattoo shop owner knows the importance of virtual customer feedback, is there any reason you don't?The tattoo shop on the corner of my street knows the virality of word of mouth. The tattoo... more »

Start Your Wine-ing

From a dizzying array of product selection to upscale clientele, wine shops and garden centers have a lot in common — and even more to learn from each other.Independent, locally-owned business. Big-chain competition. Multiple pricepoints.... more »

Next Season’s Silver Lining

Dollars per square foot, turns, naked plants and how to squeeze the most out of a short season — a few thoughts on packaging and new media support.Okay, the weather was less than optimal. In... more »

New World Marketing

In a world where personalization and technology is changing the way customers communicate, you need to focus on five different types of data for your marketing campaigns.I always enjoy watching, analyzing and trying to understand... more »

Ensuring a Better Return

From landscape design assistance to the utilization of a new customer survey program, Rice's Nursery is taking necessary steps to keep its customers coming back.No one can say Rice's Nursery doesn't take risks — and... more »

Making A Scene

With extra in-store promotions and recent breeding innovations, orchids are experiencing a revival that's worth your customers' attention.For brown thumbs and new homeowners, orchids can give off an intimidating vibe. To them, their delicate and... more »

Socially Focused

Looking for some one-on-one time with your customers, but unsure of the best way to do it? North Haven Gardens found a way through Facebook and focus groups.At North Haven Gardens (NHG), we feel that... more »

Making It Matter

While starting a blog may take only a few minutes, maintaining your garden center's blog takes dedication and professional content to keep your customers returning for more.People are asking how Mahoney's Garden Centers came to... more »

Meeting Face to (Face)book

Facebook is providing invaluable tools for small businesses like Garden*Hood. Still in its infancy, this Atlanta retailer has recognized Facebook's intimate, hands-on approach when establishing meaningful relationships with its customers.When the owners of the garden... more »