Clean Up Your Merchandising

Many garden centers have a rolled-up shirtsleeves look about them. Carts piled with plants in various stages of transit, garden tools scattered here and there, a bit of dirt on the floor. Who's to care?... more »

Raising Bulb Margins in Pots

What are the most commonly asked questions about bulbs? How deep to plant? Which ones are deer-resistant? What about the ever popular, "How late can I plant x bulb?"Everyone loves bulbs, especially after a long,... more »

The Lifetime Value Philosophy

How many of you are in the business of selling products to consumers? Now that sounds like a pretty stupid question, doesn't it? Of course your answer would be an overwhelming, probably even a unanimous,... more »

Mind-Reading 101

In this article, I want to show you what your customers may really be looking for in your store. You may think you know the answers, but let me give you some solid evidence of... more »

A Hint of Things to Come

Well, it's over -- Christmas, that is. And with the 2001 season behind us, retailers are adding up numbers and evaluating sell-through on what is for many the second most important selling season of the... more »

What I Learned In Retail

Six years ago, Josh Schneider built his own garden center, Morning Dove Farms, in Mahomet, Ill. But a passion for new plants took him westward, where he is now director of sales and marketing for... more »

Turning Water into Dollars

Retailers of the relatively new field of water gardening are wondering if it's just a fad, or if it's here to stay. Should the water garden sales area be expanded or left alone? What new... more »

Twas the season for security…and sales

It was said to have been the slowest shopping season in more than a decade. But despite retail soothsayer predictions -- perhaps translating into a self-fulfilling prophecy for some -- that the 2001 Christmas season... more »

Staff Training: The Key to Success

In the perfect world of garden center retailing, fully-trained, self-motivated staff arrive on our doorsteps itching to punch in and eager to assist customers. Of course, only a few delusional garden center owners still cling... more »

Taking Mixed Containers Into Winter

On a recent garden center tour around metro-Chicago, our editors saw several retailers capitalizing on a popular spring trend: mixed containers. Yes, I said mixed containers in the middle of winter. But, with the threat... more »

Lawn & Garden Retailer: Inspired Solutions for Profitable Business

Welcome to the premier issue of Lawn & Garden Retailer, a magazine dedicated to giving L&G retailers the solutions they need to create more profitable businesses. Sounds good, doesn't it, but what does that really... more »

The Jewels of Garden Accent Merchandising

Understanding the dynamics of your garden center's location can help dictate the variety of garden accessory displays you can create to increase traffic and sales. Mark Hodesh, president of Downtown Home and Garden, Ann Arbor,... more »


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