Ferry-Morse to Host Garden Get-Together Facebook Live on First Day of Spring

Mar 11, 2022
Ferry-Morse to Host Garden Get-Together Facebook Live on First Day of Spring

Ferry-Morse, one of the oldest and largest home gardening seed packet companies in the U.S., announced its first annual Garden Get-Together will take place on Sunday, March 20, the first day of spring, on Facebook Live. The virtual event welcomes gardeners of all experience levels to come together to celebrate spring gardening season and learn from interactive demonstrations hosted by popular gardening creators, as well as Ferry-Morse’s experts. The event is free and will take place from 2-3:30 p.m. EDT on the Ferry-Morse Facebook page.

“The gardening category has welcomed millions of new gardeners in recent years, so this is a way we can share information and inspiration to set them up for a successful growing season and help them truly enjoy the process,” said Rebecca Sears, chief gardening guru for Ferry-Morse. “We’re excited to bring together our team as well as a group of some of the most engaging gardening creators from across the country to provide our tips and answer questions in real time for those looking to garden.”

Viewers tuning in to the Facebook Live can watch informative and inspirational demonstrations and conversations from Ferry-Morse as well as the following creators and experts:

Giving Back

Whether participants are new to gardening or experienced green thumbs, the spirit of getting together to garden will come through in all aspects of the broadcast as well as with the focus of giving back. In honor of the event, Ferry-Morse will donate $5,000 to Big Green, a nonprofit dedicated to mobilizing millions of people to grow their own food, in support of the Million Gardens Movement.

“Our mission to empower people to grow their own food is made possible by support from companies like Ferry-Morse that likewise believe that the more people we can help dig into gardening the happier and healthier our world can be,” said Kimbal Musk, Founder and CEO of Big Green and the Million Gardens Movement.

Announcing 2022 Ferry-Morse Spring Plantlings

Ferry-Morse is also officially launching this season’s Plantlings collection, over 100 varieties of healthy baby plants available for pre-order for delivery. Plantlings come with established root systems to help yield a more successful and healthier garden. With a variety that ranges from vegetable, herb, flower, fruit and shrub, there’s something for every gardener – from the urban dweller with a tiny windowsill to the green thumb with an acre of backyard oasis.

New this year, Ferry-Morse is introducing its PlantlingsPlus line of larger-sized tree and shrub Plantlings in four-inch pots, including hydrangeas and azaleas as well as foliage and indoor plants such as pothos and spider plants. New flower Plantlings also joining the collection this year include impatiens, lantana and verbena. All Plantlings are available for pre-order now and begin shipping March 14.

Digital Resources and Rewards

During Ferry-Morse’s Garden Get-Together, the brand will announce its new referral and rewards program, as well as a personalization quiz designed to provide gardeners with all of the information they need to reap more success with their garden goals.

For more information and to save the date for Ferry-Morse’s Garden Get-Together, visit ferrymorse.com/pages/garden-get-together-live and tune in on Facebook Live.

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