Working In Community Gardens

In Burlington, Vt., Jim Feinson addresses 100 people gathered for a seminar. In Boston, Mass., Jack Russell attends a board of directors meeting. In Portland, Ore., Peggy Acott volunteers at a school. In Chicago, Ill.,... more »

Employee-Pricing Promotions

Some experts say General Motors Corporation's (GM) summer campaign that offered employee discounts to car-buying consumers was a stroke of genius, but others argue it was an act of desperation.GM posted a $1.1 billion loss... more »

Does It Pay To Have A Web Site?

Many people may ask themselves these days if it really matters whether or not they are on the Web. Long gone are the days when a company could add a dot-com to their name and... more »

Adding Some Fashionable Flair

Whether they are purely decorative or wholly functional, fashion accessories are now part of everyday life. If you're skeptical, count the different accessories you have used, worn or displayed today. People consciously and unconsciously choose... more »

Catering to Container Gardeners

There's been a lot of talk lately about the popularity of pots but without enough recognition of the variety of people driving this trend. Many of them have little or no property, but what they... more »

A Uniform Approach

I've been shopping in stores many times when another customer has asked me a question meant for a store employee to answer. Since I'm not in the habit of wearing store logos, customers are obviously... more »

Creating Relationships And Revenue

In a world already inundated with overcrowded inboxes; overstuffed mailboxes; and newspapers overflowing with inserts, coupons and brochures, the decision to implement a promotional campaign might seem like a waste of finances, time and energy.... more »

Is an Onsite Workshop for You?

The story of Bemis Farms Nursery is the story of an industry. Although the garden center is unique in its philosophy, presentation, products and personality, it is representative of the more than 17,000 independent garden... more »

It’s Buying Time Again

Welcome to the fourth annual Lawn & Garden Retailer Visual Sourcebook. You'll notice that our Sourcebook continues to grow every year as we add more companies to the listings and more products to the "Marketplace."... more »

Business-to-Business Transactions

The National Retail Federation found that holiday sales in 2004 rose 5.7 percent over the prior year, with consumers spending a whopping $222.23 billion throughout the Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanzaa seasons. Looking back at your... more »

Profiting from Christmas

Making the most of the holiday season can be easy if you create a plan and follow through with it, including staffing accordingly. Though the window of sales is short, the holiday season can be... more »

Animated Figures: Moving with the times

A wreath on the door, a brightly lit tree visible through the window and lots of presents tied up with bows. This description typifies a classic Christmas scene, but these "old-fashioned" Christmas decorations are often... more »


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