What Consumers See in Their Gardens of the Future

Just like fashion, trends in gardening come and go — and sometimes come back again. Some shifts in gardening were inspired by necessity, like the Victory Gardens when consumers grew their own food during the... more »

September 22, 2020
Proven Winners Presents Retail Marketing Trends from the Road

Proven Winners retail account managers Jessica DeGraaf and Meghan Owens shared in a recent webinar trends they have spotted this year and what’s coming up in 2021. Here are some highlights: Color and Gardening Trends... more »
Why the Global Pandemic May Have a “Green Lining”

Why the Global Pandemic May Have a “Green Lining”

The defining moment is now. Well before the term “plant blindness” was coined in 1998 by botanists James Wandersee and Elisabeth Schussler, the majority of people in the U.S. had lost their collective ability to... more »
Grace Hensley is the owner of Fashion Plants LLC

Using Social Media Effectively in Uncertain Times

With our suddenly enforced social isolation due to COVID-19, social media has become our window to the larger world. Beyond endlessly refreshing the news, or sharing photos of elaborate meals, it’s also how we communicate... more »
Understanding Millennials from the Millennial Perspective

Understanding Millennials from the Millennial Perspective

Being prepared to connect with our next big horticultural consumer is important, but difficult to manage when we’re simply trying to get through today. Especially in a year with COVID-19 presenting the biggest curveball of... more »
Growing Future Gardeners With Kids Gardening

Growing Future Gardeners

Gardeners and garden industry professionals know that the best plants are the ones that have strong beginnings. Seeds that are sown in well-draining soil, exposed to optimal temperatures and given just the right amount of... more »

April 13, 2020
Industry Leaders Provide Coronavirus Messaging for IGCs

The greatest opportunity in the horticulture industry may be upon us in response to COVID-19, to immediately increase awareness of the benefits of plants and to mobilize consumers to be vigilant and prepared to promote... more »

April 8, 2020
NICH Creates Resources to Promote Horticulture

The National Initiative for Consumer Horticulture (NICH) has created a series of engaging memes to inspire consumers while maintaining safe social distance. The organization's Social Media Committee and the Health and Community Committee created the series... more »

April 8, 2020
IGCs, Nurseries and Flower Shops Provide Safe Way to Celebrate Spring Holidays

People are being asked to hunker down even further this week and traditional springtime gatherings are all on hold. During this uncertain time, California nurseries, garden centers and flower shops are adapting, staying open and... more »

April 6, 2020
Proven Winners Creates Facebook Group to Help IGCs Meet Today’s Challenges

Proven Winners has created a new Facebook group to help independent garden centers meet some of the challenges they are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Facebook group, Proven Winners IGC Connect, is set up... more »
Independent garden centers can benefit by joining an ecommerce network.

Expanding Ecommerce

Passion, vision and ethics — it helps you visit the homes and lives of your customers and give them what they want and need. As of now, the horticulture industry has really stepped up its... more »

Brand Aid

Many businesses are developing a new strategy to market their story. There is no one component to make it work, but a combination of many parts or building blocks that make up the whole. Vendor... more »


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